Prep History Assignment Sheet, November 1

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: November 1st

Class:        History                             Date Due: November 5th


Friday:           Take the Chapter 9 test which has been emailed to you.  Students should review for this test by making sure they review their history notebook questions and more specifically know about the following people and events of the Thirty Years War.  Also make sure that you know what countries were aligned with Ferdinand and what countries aligned with the Protestant Union.


Charles V                    Ferdinand II                Gustavus II     Christian IV

Albert Wallenstein      Protestant Union         Peace of Westphalia


Write the following Latin root words, definitions and examples in your Latin notebook.


rumpo, ruptum                        break, burst, split                                 abrupt, bankrupt, disrupt

erupt, corrupt

specto, spectatum        to look at, see                                      spectrum, speculate,


vox, vocis                    voice                                                    vowel, vocation, advocate

evoke, unequivocal

fides                            faith, trust                                           fidelity, bona fide, confide,

fiduciary, fiance

solus                            alone, only                                           solitary, sole, soliloquy,


laboro, laboratum        work                                                    elaborate, laborius,

collaborate, labor

durus                           hard to the touch, strong, difficult     endure, duration, during



sonus                           sound                                                  sonic, sonnet, sonata





Responsibility:Please make sure that your student has completed the homework.

Parent Signature:  ___________________________________________


To Bring to Class: History notebook, homework, and colored pencils

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