Prep Math Assignment Sheet, January 28

Dominion Preparatory Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet

Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: January 28th

Class:      Math                                               Date Due:  January 31st

Student Assignment

Monday:         5th Graders:  Lesson 81 and 82 Practice problems and Supplemental Practice for Lesson 77 (page 543), problems 5-15

6th Graders:  Lesson 80 and 81 Practice problems


Tuesday:        5th Graders:  Do the Lesson 81 Fraction Activity with your parent.                                                        Do Lesson 82 Problem set, problems 1-25

6th Graders:  Lesson 82 Practice problems and Problem set, problems 1-30 (Students have worked on ratios before on previous exercises, double check Practice problem b to make sure they caught the nuance in this problem.)


Wednesday:   5th Graders:  Test

                        6th Graders:  Test


Parent Signature:_________________________________________________

To Bring to Class:  Math book, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, colored pen                                     (other than blue or black), homework assignments.


Try the Strain Your Brain problems for an entry into our weekly drawing.

5th Graders:  Jonathan is rotten at playing marbles and almost always loses to his sister Eunice, who never gives back the marbles Jonathan loses to her.


Jonathan heard about a sale of marbles where shooters are 5 cents each, red marbles are 3 cents each, and multicolored marbles are 5 for a penny.  He has a dollar to spend and has decided to buy 100 marbles so that he won’t run out for a while.


How many of each kind of marble can he buy?  (You are to spend exactly one dollar and the goal is to buy marbles of all type (for example, buying 20 shooters is not a correct answer).  There is more than one answer.




If a cow costs $300, how much will a gallon of milk at $.70 a quart cost?



6th Graders:  A half-liter bottle of orange juice, plus the bottle deposit, came to a total of $.60.  The orange juice was $.40 more than the bottle deposit.  How much was the a. orange juice?  b. bottle deposit?




How many seconds are there in a.  an hour?                                b..  a day?                             c.. a year?

(Hint: Use 365 days for a year)


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