Prep Math Assignment Sheet, January 31

Dominion Preparatory Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet

Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: January 31st  

Class:        Math                                             Date Due:  February 4th

Student Assignment

Thursday:      5th Graders: Lesson 83 and 84 Practice problems and Lesson 84 Problem set, problems 1-25

6th Graders: Lesson 83 and 84 Practice problems and Lesson 83 Problem set, odd problems 1-29


Friday:                        5th Graders: Math Detective #12

                        6th Graders: Math Detective #35 and Complete the Cranium Crackers                                           Worksheet (page 64-65).  Remember to use:

P lease  (do operation in parentheses first)

E xcuse (next look for any exponent and do that operation)

M y

D ear  (after parentheses and exponents, do multiplication

or division as you come to each operation symbol – moving from                                                      left to right.)

A unt

S ally   (after any multiplication or division, do any addition

or subtraction operation. Start from the left and do whichever operation comes first. Keep going to the right and do whichever one comes next in the equation.)

Today’s Puzzlers for 5th Graders: 

Suppose school starts promptly at 9:00 a.m.  If each period lasts 40 minutes and there are 5 minutes between periods, when will the fourth period end?


Five kids sit down to play some games of checkers.  If each of the five kids plays just one game

with each of the others, what is the total number of games played?


Today’s Puzzlers for 6th Graders:

Samisoni and Germaine each have two jobs.  The jobs are dentist, carpenter, electrician, and house cleaner.  The dentist doesn’t know a ground wire from a live wire.  Samisoni is not the carpenter.  Germaine is not the dentist.  Find each person’s two jobs.


You have three jugs and a well from which to draw water.  The jugs are known to hold exactly 5, 9, and 12 quarts.  Tell how you can use these jugs to measure exactly 13 quarts of water.


Parent Signature:_________________________________________________

To Bring to Class:  Math book, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, colored

            6puz      pen (other than blue or black), homework assignments.

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