Prep History Assignment Sheet, April 29th

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet

Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: April 29th

Class:        History                             Date Due: May 2nd  


Tuesday:        Read The Luddites in Chapter 31 of The Story of the World.  After the first reading, give a narration to a parent.  After the narration, answer the questions in the History Notebook.

Do the Map Work:

  1. Find England on the map and outline it in brown.  England was becoming more industrial.  Three of the major industrial cities in England were Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham.  Find each of the cities on the map and draw a green circle around each dot.
  2. The water in England was becoming dirtier.  Along the outside of the coastline in England, color the ocean black.
  3. Boston and New York were the early industrial centers in the United States.  Draw blue circles around the dots that represent Boston and New York.
  4. Many Irish came to New York to find jobs.  Color Ireland purple.  Draw a purple arrow from Ireland to New York.


Wednesday:    Do a computer simulation about the Luddites.  To get to the computer simulation site, you may go to it using a Google search or the url.  If you use the Google search, type in the words Luddites, simulation.  The first item listed should reflect the following url (this is also the information to use if you want to go to the site directly:


You will be asked to continue the simulation and accept the mission.  Each student may have a different outcome on the simulation depending on how you answer the questions.  Continue until you come to the conclusion of the simulation. Note:  You can hit the back button to try different options.  Students are encouraged to do this simulation more than once with different answers to see the consequences of different choices. Come to class prepared to talk about your outcome on the simulation.  Answer the following questions to help you remember about your experiences and the Luddites.

1. How was the Yorkshire textile industry organised in 1801?

2. How was the textile industry changing by 1812?

3. Who were the Luddites? What were their methods of protest?

4. What did it mean to be “twisted in”? Why was this so dangerous?

5. Who was General/Ned Ludd?

6. Why were the Luddites prepared to risk their lives protesting? (lots of reasons for this one)

7. Why were mill owners and the government so worried? How did they respond to the Luddites?

8. How were Luddites punished?



Responsibility: Please make sure that your student has completed the homework.

Parent Signature:  ___________________________________________


To Bring to Class: History book, notebook, homework, and colored pencils

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