Prep English Assignment Sheet, May 16th

Dominion Preparatory Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:         Lecklider                                Date Assigned: May 16th     

Class:        5th-6th English                Date Due: May 20th 


Thursday:      Chapter Review in Writing and Grammar book (done in class)


Friday:           Using the rough draft that you worked on in class, have a parent read what you have written.  Type your final draft, using Times New Roman 12 or 14 size font.  The paragraph should have a 5 space indent and be double spaced.  You will be graded on the topic sentence, variety of supporting sentences, grammar, punctuation and spelling.


                        Study for Monday’s Chapter 13 grammar test by reviewing the concepts covered in the chapter of the Writing and Grammar book.



There will be no assignment sheet for English next Monday as students should use the time during the week to complete any last details of the science fair project and rehearse their science fair presentation.



Parent Responsibility:  Make sure that the student has completed the homework assignment. Parents should review/edit the student’s answers before he or she submits it on Monday.


Parent Signature


To Bring to Class:  English Writing and Grammar book and homework assignments.

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