Prep History Assignment Sheet, May 13

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: May 13th

Class:        History                             Date Due: May 16th


Tuesday:        Extra! Extra!  Read All About It!  Write an article for a newspaper.

Using the information that you have read and heard in class, write about some aspect of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  You could write about preparing for the journey.  You could write what it was like to see Charles Floyd die.  You could write about the animal life encountered.  You could write your story from about how the Indians lived. Remember at this time most Americans lived within 50 miles of the Atlantic Ocean.  You want to bring to life the sights, sounds or experiences of the Expedition.  Write the article as if you were a reporter travelling with the Corp or a participant of the Corp.  You may include actual quotes from the journals written on the expedition.


The information below will help you think about what to include so the article is interesting.  You should have a minimum of three paragraphs.


Formula for a Well-Written News Article

  1. 1.      First paragraph
    Include who, what, when, where and/or why in the first few sentence(s). Try to hook the reader by beginning with a funny, clever, or surprising statement. Go for variety: try beginning your article with a question or a provocative statement.
  2. 2.      Second/Third/Fourth paragraphs
    Give the reader the details. Include one or two quotes from people you interviewed (or ones you created). Write in the third person (he, she, it, they). Be objective — never state your opinion. Use quotes to express others’ opinions!
  3. 3.       Last paragraph
    Wrap it up somehow (don’t leave the reader hanging. Please don’t say….”In conclusion” or “To finish…” (yawn!) Try ending with a quote or a catchy phrase.


  • Use active words (verbs that show what’s really happening.)
  • Write down quotes!
  • Tell the really interesting info first!



Responsibility: Please make sure that your student has completed the homework.

Parent Signature:  ___________________________________________


To Bring to Class: History book, notebook, homework, and colored pencils

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