Algebra Assignment Sheet, December 16

 Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:  Brenda Lecklider             Date Assigned: December 16th

Class:    Algebra                                           

Daily Puzzler: The range of ages of three sisters is 5 years.  The mean of their ages is one more than the middle sister’s age.  What are their possible ages if one sister is 22 years old?                     


Student Assignment

Monday:         Lesson 6.4, do even problems 20-64 and 65-68 – Quiz in class on Tuesday



Wednesday:   Lesson 6.5, do problems 16, 18, 22, problems 26-48, 64, 65,

Quiz in class

Record your stock on your stock sheet.


Thursday:      Lesson 6.6, do problems 11-27, 36, 37



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