Prep History Assignment Sheet, December 16

Dominion Preparatory Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet

Teacher:     Lecklider                       Date Assigned: December 16th

Class:         5th-6th History                Date Due: December 19th



Wednesday:         Read and The Spanish-American War in Chapter 15After the first reading, please give a narration to a parent.  Complete the outline for and The Spanish-American War.


Project Journalism: 

Many people believe that newspapers are objective, which means that they don’t take sides – they simply report the facts.  In practice, though, many newspapers show a bias, a subtle way of presenting the facts in a certain way, so the reader comes away without getting the full story.  Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst knew that a war would sell more papers, so they published sensational stories.  A sensational story is a story which exaggerates the actual events and often presents only one side of the true story.  It often uses a fiery headline to communicate its perspective.  You’re going to write your own sensational headlines.


Pick one or two stories out of today’s newspaper (or Internet story).  Read the first paragraph with your parent’s help, and then talk about what is happening in the story.  Now, write your own headline to go with the story, but use words that exaggerate certain aspects of the events.  Bring your headline to share with the class.

Parent Responsibility: Make sure that the student has completed his/her homework.


Parent Signature:  _____________________________________________

Remember to bring your “Wacky Gift” for the Wacky Gift exchange and a food to share for our Christmas party, if desired.


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