Prep Math Assignment Sheet, December 16

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned:  December 16th

Class:        Math                                             Date Due:  December 19th  


Monday:         5th Graders:  Lesson 65 and 66 Practice problems and the Least Common Multiple and Rounding worksheet.

6th Graders:  Lesson 64 and 65 Practice problems and Supplemental Practice for Lesson 64 (page 699), problems 1-24


Tuesday:        5th Graders:  Lesson 66 Practice problems and Problem set, problems 1-25

                        6th Graders:  Lesson 65 Problem set, problems 1-30


Wednesday:    5th Graders:   Test

6th Graders:  Test and Multiplying Fractions and Multiplying Mixed Numbers worksheet.


Thursday:      5th Graders:   Lesson 67 Practice Problems

6th Graders:  Lesson 66 Practice Problems


Remember to bring a white elephant gift for our wacky gift exchange.  Students may bring a favorite treat to share for Thursday’s party, if desired.


NOTE:  Thursday’s assignment is listed as this will be done in class and no work will be assigned as homework in math.  We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday as we celebrate the gift of our Lord Jesus.  May His life shine in and through you.  Merry Christmas!!!


Mr. and Mrs. Lecklider




Responsibility: Please be sure that your student has completed the homework.

Parent Signature:  ___________________________________________

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