Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet, May 19

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet

Teacher: Brenda Lecklider             Date Assigned: May 19th

Class:     Pre Algebra             


Student Assignment:



Wednesday:   Chapter 8-11 Cumulative Review Test- You may use your

                 book and your calculator. This will count as one test

                 grade. Do the following problems and show your work:

                             Page 456: Problems 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 16

Page 520: Problems 7-11, 17, 22

Page 543: Problems 1-9

Page 571: Problems 13-15, and problems 1-5 of                                                           the Checkpoint Quiz

                             Page 630: Even problems 2-16



Friday:                 There will be a formula test on Tuesday. The formulas will include area for a triangle, rectangle, square, trapezoid, parallelogram, and a circle. Circumference and the volume of a prism and cylinder will also be tested.


Parent Responsibility: Make sure that your student has completed the homework and work is shown for all problems.



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