Prep Math Assignment Sheet, May 22

Dominion Preparatory Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher: Brenda Lecklider             Date Assigned: May 22nd  

Class:     Math                                                Date Due: May 29th

Student Assignment



Thursday:      5th Graders: Supplemental Practice for Lesson 135 (page 554), problems 17-20, Supplemental Practice for Lesson 136, problems 13-16, and Supplemental Practice for Lesson 137, problems 1-4

6th Graders: Worksheet


Friday:           5th Graders: Test

6th Graders: Test


Please bring your math books to class to turn in next Thursday if you did not turn them in today.


Try the Perplexors on the other side or the Deducibles below.




















Parent Signature:_________________________________________________

To Bring to Class: Math book, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, colored pen, homework

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