Prep History Assignment Sheet, October 1

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:        Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: October 1st

Class:              History                                    Date Due: October 6th         


Thursday:      Read Henry Hudson’s Quest, in Chapter 4 of The Story of the World.* After the first reading, give a narration to a parent. After the narration, answer the questions in the History Notebook


                                Do the Map Work:

  1. Champlain sailed into the St. Lawrence River. Trace the lower arrow and color the river in blue.
  2. Champlain and his men tried to settle at St. Croix, but they became ill and the settlement failed. Draw a purple circle around the dot that represents St. Croix.
  3. Champlain and his men moved the settlement to Port Royal and stayed warm enough to survive the next winter. Draw a large orange circle around the dot that represents Port Royal.
  4. Champlain eventually settled Quebec. Quebec became the capital of the whole Canadian province. Draw a small capitol building over Quebec.
  5. Trace Hudson’s journey through the Furious Overfall in blue.
  6. Draw a small symbol for Hudson’s ship, the Hopewell, somewhere along the dotted line of Hudson’s path.


Write the following entries on your History Notebook timeline:

1607: Henry Hudson makes his first voyage to the northeast

1611: Henry Hudson is set adrift in Hudson Bay


Friday:           Write the following words and definitions in your Latin notebook.


verbum                        word                                                    verb, proverb, verbatim

ad                                to, toward, near, next to                     adequate, adhere, adjective

admit, advertise

jacio, jactum                throw                                                   eject, object, interject,

projectile, reject

pono, positum             lay, put, place                                      pose, postage, deposit,

impose, component



Please make sure that your student has neatly answered the questions and has completed the map work

Parent Signature: ___________________________________________


To Bring to Class: History notebook, homework, and colored pencils

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