Prep History Assignment Sheet, April 1

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:  Brenda Lecklider             Date Assigned: April 1st  

Class:       History                              Date Due: April 6th   


Thursday:      Read Princess Catherine Comes to Russia in Chapter 26 of The Story of the World.  After the first reading, give a narration to a parent.  After the narration, answer the questions in the History Notebook.


Complete The Causes of the French Revolution worksheet that is on the other side of this assignment sheet.


Friday:           Take the Chapter 24 review quiz which has been emailed to your parents.


5th and 6th GradersReview the following words for Monday’s Latin Quiz.


digitus                                      finger, toe, inch                                        digit

caput, capitis                            head                                                         capitalism, captain, cabbage

manus                                      hand                                                        manufacture, manicotti, manuscript

pes, pedis                                                foot                                                          pedal, pawn, pedometer

corpus, corporis                      body                                                        incorporate, corpulence,  corps

centum                                     hundred                                                   cent, century, centimeter, percent, centigrade

mille                                        thousand                                                  mile, mill, millimeter, millennium

ignis                                         fire                                                           ignite, ignition, igneous

bonus                                      good                                                        bonus, bounteous, bounty, debonaire, bonanza

sol                                           sun                                                          solar, solarium, parasol

luna                                         moon                                                       lunar, lunatic, lunacy

trans                                        across, over, beyond, through                 transport, transcript, transfer, transparent

terra                                         land                                                         territory, terrace, terra cotta, Mediterranean Sea

dormio, dormitum                   sleep                                                        dormitory, dormant, dormer window

stella                                        star                                                          stellar, constellation

inter                                         between, among, amid                             international, intervene, interlude, interject

ars, artis                                   art, skill                                                   artillery, inert, artistic, artificial

vivo, victum                            live                                                          vivid, revive, survive, victim

magnus                                    big, large, great                                         magnify, magnitude,                magnanimous

populus                                   people                                                      public, publish, populace, population, republic

urbs, urbis                                               city                                                          urban, suburb, urbane

curro cursum                           run                                                           current, occur, excursion, cursive

facio, factum                            do, make                                                  factory, manufacture, deface, perfect, satisfy

scribo, scriptum                       write                                                        scriptures, inscription, describe, prescription, transcribe

dico, dictum                             speak, say                                                                dictate, diction, predict, benediction, contradict, verdict

liber, libri                                 book                                                        library, libel

scio, scitum                             know                                                       science, conscience, conscious






Responsibility: Please make sure that your student has completed the homework.

Parent Signature:  ___________________________________________


To Bring to Class: History notebook, homework, and colored pencils




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