Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet, January 24th

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned:  January 24th   

Class:       7th Grade Math                                      

Student Assignment


Weekly Puzzler:  Yvonne and Fred Marshall have three sons.  Each son has one sister.  What is the ratio of males to females in the family?


Monday:                     Worksheets for 8.2-8.3


Tuesday:                    Quiz in class over 8.1-8.3

Lesson 8.4, do problems 10, 11, 14-26, 30-39


Wednesday:               Page 384 and 385, Do the Notebook Review problems 1-7 and the Review Quiz 1, problems 1-9.  The Review Quiz will count as a quiz grade.


Thursday:                  Lesson 8.5, do problems 15-34, 41-50



Friday:                       Chapter 8 Extra Practice (page 712), do odd problems 1-25







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