Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet, September 19

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet



Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: September 19th

Class:              Pre Algebra                                      


Student Assignment


Monday:                     Do Chapter 1 Review in class

Answer the following questions:


The Greenpoint factory produced 2/5 of the Consolidated Brick Company’s bricks in 2000.  If the Greenpoint factory produced 1,400 tons of bricks in 2000, what was the Consolidated Brick Company’s total output that year, in tons?

  1. 700 b.  2,100     c.  2,800     d.  3,500     e.  7,000


If a car travels 1/100 of a kilometer each second, how many kilometers does it travel per hour?

  1. 3/5 b.  3 3/5     c.  36     d.  72     e.  100


Tuesday:                    Chapter 1 test (in class)


Wednesday:                Chapter 1 test (continued – at home, if not completed in class)


Thursday:                  Lesson 2.1 do problems 4-12, 20-24, 33-37


Find the hidden phrase or title:




Friday:                       Lesson 2.2, do problems 9-15, 20-33, 36-43, 48-53


Parent Responsibility: Make sure that your student has completed the homework and work is shown for all problems.


To Bring to Class:  Graph Paper, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, colored

pen (other than blue or black).




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