Algebra Assignment Sheet, November 7th

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet


Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: November 7th  

Class:        Algebra                                       


Student Assignment


Monday:         Work with your team to do the CSI Activity.


                        Complete the answer for the following problem and write the answer on your homework sheet.

What is the equation of the line parallel to the x axis and four units above the x axis? 


  1. x = -4       B.  x  =  4         C.  y  =  -4     D.  y  = 0      E.  y  =  4



Wednesday:   Lesson 4.6, do  problems 17-27, even problems 32-50, 56-62


ALL GRAPHING MUST BE DONE ON GRAPH PAPER!  If you do not use graph paper, you will receive a zero on your homework.

Check your stock price and record it on your stock sheet.  You will turn this sheet in on Thursday as homework. 


There will be a  collaborative quiz in class on Thursday covering 4.1-4.6



Friday :           Collaborative Quiz in class over 4.1 – 4.6

                        Do problems 1-24 of the Chapter 4 Review




Parents:          Make sure that your student has completed the homework.  All graphing must be done on graph paper.  Students should study for the quiz on Thursday.

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