Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet, November 28

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet



Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: November 28th  

Class:        Pre Algebra                                            


Monday:         Lesson 4-6, do problems 3-37, 51-53

There will be a quiz in class on Tuesday over 4.1-4.4



Wednesday:   Lesson 4-7, do problems 1-36, 42-44, 49-50

Do odd problems 1-43 on page 758 (Chapter 4 Extra Practice).

Check your stock and notate it on your stock sheet.  Make sure to bring the stock sheet to class on Thursday.



Friday:           Lesson 4-8, do problems 5-34, 47-49, for extra credit, do the challenge problems 43-46

                        Do odd problems 7-61 of the Chapter 4 Review (page 227) on pages 227-229.


                        There will be a quiz on Monday over 4.5-4.7




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