Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet, February 13

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet



Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned:  February 13th    

Class:        Pre Algebra                                            

Student Assignment


Monday:         Test in Class



Wednesday:   Lesson 7-1, do problems 1-28, 35-43

Lesson 7-2, do problems 1-28, 31-47

Check your stocks and record on your stock sheet.

For extra credit, try the following:

A square window has sides that are 1 yard long.  The window admits too much                                 light, so half of it is covered.  After the covering is in place, the uncovered part of                the window is still a yard high and a yard wide. And yet it admits only half as                              much light.  Use a picture to explain how this could be.



Friday:           Lesson 7-3, do problems 15-32, 35-43 (#38 is extra credit)

Lesson 7-4, do problems 1-9, 12-14


Parent Responsibility:  Make sure that your student has completed the homework and work is shown for all problems.


To Bring to Class:  Graph Paper, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, colored

pen (other than blue or black).


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