Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet, March 13

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet



Teacher:  Brenda Lecklider             Date Assigned: March 13th  

Class:     Pre Algebra                                               



Student Assignment


Monday:         Chapter 8 Pre-Test and Lesson 8.1 explanation


Tuesday:        Record your stock price on your recording sheet.

Lesson 8.1, do problems 1-15,19, 21, 26-29, 31, 32 and worksheet


                        Answer the following question:


                        Tams, Gams, and Pams

There are 87 Tams.  All 34 Gams and 49 Pams are Tams.  If exactly nine Tams are Gams and Pams, then how many Tams are neither Pams nor Gams?




Friday:           Lesson 8.2, problems 1-20, 28-45



All homework related to graphing must be graphed on graph paper.  If not, you will receive a “0” for that homework assignment.


Parent Responsibility:  Make sure that your student has completed the homework and work is shown for all problems.


To Bring to Class:  Graph Paper, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, graph paper, colored

pen (other than blue or black).




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