Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet, August 28

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet

Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: August 28th            

Class:              PreAlgebra                           


Monday:         Lesson 1.1, problems 1-13 (this homework is due on August 29th and most, if not all, was completed in class today)


Tuesday:        Lesson 1.1 (pages 7 & 8), problems 14-18, 21-25, 28-39, 46, 47 (This homework is due on Thursday, August 31st )


Wednesday:   Lesson 1.2 (pages 11-12), problems 13-40, 44, 52 (This homework is due

on Thursday, August 31st .) You may use your calculator on problem #34.)



Friday:           Lesson 1.3 (pages, 16-17), Exercises 12-48, 50, 53, 56, 57 (This homework is due on Monday of next week.


Answer the following standardized test questions (This is not optional and is considered homework which would usually be due the following Monday – however we do not have class on September 4 as it is Labor Day).  You may use a calculator to solve these two problems.  Show your work on paper with your other homework problems.):


David earns $10.75 an hour in a summer job.  He is saving to buy a television set that costs $599.  What is the least number of hours he must work, to the nearest hour, in order to save up enough to buy the television set?

  1. 54 b. 55                c.56                 d. 57                e. 60


A box of cereal contains 510 grams of cereal.  If one serving is 1 ¼ cups and 1 cup of cereal weighs 26.4 grams, what is the maximum number of

number of complete servings contained in the box?

  1. 408             b. 26                c.19                 d.16                 e.15


Parent information and responsibility:

Please read the attached letter, sign and return it.  The student must return this letter by Tuesday, September 5th or a yellow slip will be issued.


Assignment sheet information will be posted on my blog if you need information:  Please make sure that your student is showing his/her work on homework assignments and is checking his/her odd numbered homework problems by using the “Selected Answers” key at the back of the textbook.

Students are not allowed to use a calculator on the homework unless there is a picture of a calculator by the problem in the book.


To Bring to Class:  loose-leaf notebook paper, NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOK PAPER, pencil, colored pen (other than blue or black)


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