7th Grade Pre-Algebra, September 5

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet

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Teacher:                     Brenda Lecklider                              Class:  Pre-Algebra                          

Date Assigned:           September 5th                                     Student Assignment


Tuesday:          Lesson 1.4 Do problems 18-36, 48, 49, read pages 26-28 and do problems 1-7 on

Page 28 (Calculators are not allowed unless there is a calculator by the problem.  Students

must show your work).  Write the distance equation in your notebook


Wednesday:   Do the notebook review problems 1-12 on page 24 and 25 and the review quiz on page                       25.  Please make sure to check your odd problems by using the answers in the back of                       the book



Friday:           Lesson 1.5 Do problems 12-36, 41-44, 51, 52


Lesson 1.6 Do problems 9, 12-35

There will be a quiz in class on Monday on Lesson 1.1-1.3


Answer the following college prep test questions:

At Central High School, the math club has 15 members and the chess club has 12 members. If a total of 13 students belong to only one of the two clubs, how many students belong to both clubs?

  1. 2                b.  6                 c.  7                 d.  12               e.  14


The table above shows the attendance at the home games of the Central High School football team. If the median attendance for the five games was 456, and no two games had the same attendance, what is the greatest possible value for n?

  1. 400            b.  455             c.  457             d.  478             e.  549


Parent Responsibility:

            Make sure that your student is showing his work on homework assignments.

To Bring to Class: loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, colored pen (other than blue or black)


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