Algebra Assignment Sheet, October 9

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet

Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: October 9th

Class:        Algebra   


Monday:         Lesson 3.5, do problems 9-20 and 27-40

Review the formulas on page 813.  Working with your team, write a problem for each of the formulas described hereafter. On a separate page, write the answers for each of the problems.  The formulas that are to be addressed are: perimeter of a triangle, rectangle and square, area of a triangle, area of a square, area of a rectangle, area of a parallelogram, volume (cube, rectangular prism and cylinder), circumference of a circle, area of a circle, average speed, probability, and odds.  You will have a formula test on Thursday.  You should bring a calculator to class to use on Thursday.


Out of 40 sandwiches, 19 are turkey, 9 are bologna, and the rest are tuna fish.  If one sandwich is randomly picked, what is the probability of picking a tuna fish sandwich?


If the sum of a, b, and c is twice the sum of a minus b and a minus c, then a =

  1. b + c 3b + 3c        c.  3bc          d. 2b + 3c        e.  –b – c


There will be a quiz in class on Tuesday covering Lesson 3.1-3.4



Wednesday:    Lesson 3.6, do even problems 16-44, 45-47, problems 49-54


Study for Thursday’s formula test and complete the following test prep question:

Check your stock price and record it on your stock sheet.  We will do the Biggest Winner/Biggest Loser contest in class Thursday.



and Friday:    Formula Quiz (in class)

                        Lesson 3.7, do problems 11-23, 32-35, 45-46

Make sure that you bring graph paper to class next week.  Any graphing homework will not be accepted unless it is completed on graph paper.


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