Algebra/8th Grade Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet



Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: October 23rd    

Class:        Algebra/Pre-Algebra                                         


Student Assignment


Monday:         All students:  Chapter 3 Test (In class)


                        Make sure that you bring graph paper to class.  Any graphing homework will not be accepted unless it is completed on graph paper.



Tuesday:        Do “Pass the Book” exercise from Springboard book.

                        Do Pages 83-96 from the Springboard math book.


Check your stock price and record it on your stock sheet. 


Wednesday:   Algebra students: Lesson 4.1, do all problems 10-36


                        Pre-Algebra students:  Lesson 8-5, do problems 4-23, 26, 27



Friday:           Algebra students:  Lesson 4.2 – Do problems 12-50, and all problems 52 through 55


                        Pre-Algebra students: Lesson 8.2, Do problems 10-45


Parent Responsibility:

Please make sure that your student is showing his/her work on homework assignments.


To Bring to Class: 

                        Looseleaf notebook paper, pencil, colored pen (other than                                                          blue or black), math book, graph paper

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