7th Grade PreAlgebra

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet



Teacher:  Brenda Lecklider            Date Assigned: December 18

Class:     Pre-Algebra                                              


Student Assignment


Monday:          Lesson 6.6,  Write the definitions for Inverse Property

                        of Addition, Inverse Property of Multiplication, Identity                                                            Property of Addition, Identity Property of Multiplication. Do                                                     problems 14-21, 25-33, 48, 49 and for an Extra Credit Challenge,

try problem 35.




Wedneday:    Lesson 6.7, Do problems 8-25, 28-31, 36-37,

Do odd problems 1-33 of the Extra Practice on page 710

Complete your stock sheet.



Friday:           Do problems 7–41 of Lesson 6.8 AND complete the Review Quiz 2 on page

  1. This will count as a quiz grade. Please make sure that you show your work and USE graph paper for graphing.




Parent Responsibility:

Please make sure that your student shows his work and completes the assignments.


To Bring to Class:  loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, colored pen (other

                               than blue or black) and graph paper





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