7th Grade Pre-Algebra Assignment Sheet, February 12

Dominion Academy

Daily Assignment Sheet



Teacher:         Brenda Lecklider                  Date Assigned: February 12th  

Class:              7th Grade Math       


Student Assignment


Weekly Puzzler:  A drawer contains 8 black socks and 8 brown socks.  You reach into the drawer and randomly pull out a sock.  What is the maximum number of times you must repeat this action before you have two socks of the same color?




Wednesday:   Chapter 7 test reflection and worksheet packet (the packet is due on Thursday.  There will be a Chapter 7 test redo on Thursday.


Thursday:      Chapter 7 test redo


Friday:           Read pages 369 and 370 which explains Lesson 8.1. Next do problems 8-13, 18-37, 51, 52



You will need graph paper next week!!



Parent Responsibility: Please make sure that your student shows his work and completes the assignments. To Bring to Class:  loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil, colored pen (other than blue or black) and graph paper.


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