Pre-Algebra Syllabus and Class Expectations


Instructor:  Mrs. Brenda Lecklider

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* This class will cover algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities, decimals,

fractions, ratios, proportions, linear functions, and data analysis

* In addition, we will spend time focusing on test taking strategies and skills.


Text:  Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra


Grading Policy:  Student grades (following Dominion Academy’s grading scale) will be based on the following:

Homework that clearly shows each problem, appropriate work shown and respective answers

Classroom Participation

Quizzes and Tests


1st Quarter

Chapter 1:  Algebraic expressions and integers

Chapter 2:  Solving one-step equations and inequalities

Chapter 3:  Decimals and equations


2nd Quarter

Chapter 4:  Factors, fractions, and exponents

Chapter 5:  Operations with fractions

Chapter 6:  Ratios, proportions, and percents


3rd Quarter

Chapter 7:  Solving equations and inequalities

Chapter 8:  Linear functions and graphing

Chapter 9:  Spatial thinking


4th Quarter

Chapter 10: Area and volume

Chapter 11: Square roots and Pythagorean Theorem

Chapter 12: Data Analysis (as time permits)


Dear Parents,                                                                                       August, 2013


As outlined on the attached syllabus, we will continue to build upon the skills learned during previous years.  We will occasionally spend time in class honing basic math facts, working on speed and accuracy, however the ultimate responsibility lies with the student. Your student should be able to complete 90% on each timed test within a 3 minute period.  I will e-mail you the results of your student’s timed tests within the first week of class.  If your student scores approximately 70% or less on these first few tests, your student will most likely need to practice these math facts at home.  It will be the responsibility of your student to meet this goal and may require daily review until the facts have been acquired.  Concentrating on speed helps students to respond automatically on demand, freeing their minds to focus on more challenging concepts.  This skill is of the utmost importance.


As this course progresses, many new problems will rely on previously learned skills.  As a result, it is imperative that students complete their homework on lined notebook paper (no spiral notebook paper, please), using pencil and showing their work.  Homework should be written in a sequential manner on the paper.  Homework that does not meet these guidelines will only receive 50% credit for that assignment.  Students who do not show their work on homework assignments will be given a yellow slip if this becomes a habit.


Student homework will be graded in class. Students should also have a colored pen (other than black or blue) with them to grade homework.  Students benefit from immediate feedback by correcting the homework during class.  I will still collect and gather the homework to review your student’s work.  I will grade tests.  I will periodically send home “SAT type” tests to help your student prepare for upcoming PSAT or SAT tests. In addition, I periodically will give basic skills tests to review previously learned concepts.  These skill tests will not be recorded as a grade, but will be used to help the student prepare for future test taking.


I look forward to working with your student.  Please confirm your e-mail address below.  If you have more than one address, please list the one that you check regularly.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at




Brenda Lecklider

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